Living Out of Faytown

Living Out of Faytown - Leslie Brown Freshman Seminar...

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Leslie Brown October 16, 2007 Freshman Seminar Living Out of Faytown I’ve grown up in Fayetteville, AR my whole life so I’ve never really known anything else outside of it. I’ve interviewed 3 people who moved here from other towns and states to go to the University of Arkansas and found out what it was like for them. There’s my roommate, Alex, from Bartlesville, OK, my friend, Adam, from Memphis, TN, and another friend, Chad, from Clarksville, AR. I’ve gone through various questions like how big the town is, what they did in their town, who lives in the town, and so on and so forth. Let me start with a brief story about me and growing up in Fayetteville. Growing up in Fayetteville I’ve learned to live with many different diversities and learned to get along with a lot of different people. My graduating class was around 600 people and the majority of my class got along with each other though we tended to stick with our groups. We had a lot of school involvement from everyone, but I wouldn’t say that the majority of the school was involved. There were so many people who didn’t care at all. This is what I’m used to and always have been and I’ve never bothered to go outside of Fayetteville and find out what it’s like in other places. My roommate, Alex, is from Bartlesville, OK which is around 40 minutes outside of Tulsa. Alex was born in Ft. Smith, AR and moved to Bartlesville in 5 th grade and spent a semester of 9 th grade in Ft. Smith then moved back to Bartlesville. She told me that Bartlesville is about the same size as Fayetteville, but with less people. There’s no diversity, mostly old
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Living Out of Faytown - Leslie Brown Freshman Seminar...

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