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Leslie Brown February 4, 2008 Effects of Media Violence Sissela Bok’s essay, Aggression: The Impact of Media Vilolence, states that violence depicted in tv and movies is responsible for the growing violence in society now. After reading this article my opinion about media violence did not change. I have and still do believe that the violence in media is in some way responsible for the growing aggression in children as well as adults. In the decade following the mid-1980’s, the rate of murder commited by teenagers 14 to 17 more than doubled. The rates of injury suffered by small children are skyrocketing, with the number of seriously injured children nearly quadrupling from 1986 to 1993; and a proportion of these injuries are inflicted by children upon one another. Even homicides by children, once next to unknown, have escalated in recent decades. Just from watching the news or hearing by word of mouth you will hear or see stories of children
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Unformatted text preview: displaying large amounts of violence more and more as time goes by. With the ongoing promotions for shoot em up video games and movies and tv shows that depict large amounts of killing or destruction increasing everyday it’s hard for teenagers and children to escape it all. Even with parents monitoring the children’s viewing or playing there’s nothing keeping them from seeing ads on the street or playing/watching these games/movies at friends’ houses. Teenagers and children are growing up thinking that all this violence isn’t as bad as it really is and driving them to find out what’s so great about it. I think for some teenagers they see that the characters get a rush from committing violent acts and they too want to experience this rush. As Bok says in her essay, media violence is desensitizing and promoting violence to society today....
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