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Leslie Brown Casey Evans Comp 1013 March 16, 2008 Cloning: Not for Humans On July 5, 1996 a sheep named Dolly was born, but this sheep was not conceived in a natural way. Dolly was the first successful clone from an adult sheep’s cell and grew up to be a normal functioning adult until her death due to a lung infection in 2003, which is believed to be unrelated to her cloning. Though there have been many more successful animal clones there have also been many problems in cloning animals. With as many problems and unanswered questions that are still present in the science or cloning, I believe it would be unsafe to begin experimentation on cloning humans. Before I can easily give reason to why processes for human cloning should not begin I must first explain the science of cloning animals. This is explained in Arlene Klotzko’s book A Clone of Your Own?: The Science and Ethics of Cloning . Klotzko visited the Roslin Institute, which is where Dolly was cloned, and at this institute the process of nuclear transfer was explained to her. Nuclear transfer for Dolly consisted of taking a tissue sample from a finn dorset ewe then the cells were grown up in culture. After growth the nucleus from an individual cell was removed and placed inside an egg that had it’s own genetic material removed though was still filled with cytoplasm which is necessary in development of the egg. To fuse the nucleus and egg together an electric current was used. The embryo was placed into a surrogate from another breed just to prove that Dolly was in fact a clone. Nuclear transfer was used successfully to clone other animals and sometimes with a slightly different process of it. Other clones now reported
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Cloning - Leslie Brown Casey Evans Comp 1013 Cloning Not...

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