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Arts Education - Leslie Brown Comp 1013 The Integration of...

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Leslie Brown February 13, 2008 Comp 1013 The Integration of Arts in Education In two articles, Don’t Ignore the Arts by Harold M Williams and Making Meaning Ways: An Exploratory Look at Integrating the Arts with Classroom Curriculum by Patricia Lynch, the authors discuss the importance of integrating arts into education today. Lynch uses a study at a Magnet school to show the effects on children and how integrating arts has helped them learn more effectively. Williams has discussed the many reasons why arts education will benefit children today. Williams mentions in his article that Arts education is necessary for children today because it is the basic function to human communication. According to him arts is the key to teaching children about American and World culture and teaching them this will allow them to understand and communicate better with each other. It will also secure the cultural future of the country. One of the studies he mentions has a testimonial from the New Jersey Assemblywoman Maureen Ogden and is as follows: “Compare two similar schools; one with strong arts curricula and one without. You’ll soon discover that there are nonartistic benefits that make the school
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Arts Education - Leslie Brown Comp 1013 The Integration of...

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