Notes 3 - IMC mix integrate promotions and advertising to...

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IMC mix – integrate promotions and advertising to break through the clutter o Advertising o Direct marketing o Sales promotion o Public relations o Personal selling o Support technique Goals and tasks of promotion o Informing – let people know about a product or attribute o Persuading – make them have positive feelings about the product o Reminding – keep the brand top of mind IMC Objectives o Build brand equity o Provide information o Manage demand and build sales o Differentiate products o Influence perceptions, attitudes, and behavior Promotion goal o Move consumers through AIDA Awareness – how it is out Interest – wanting to know more Desire – wanting the product/service Action – purchase the product Factors affecting the promotional mix o Type of product/market – what is the way the product is traditionally promoted o Push vs. pull strategy Push down the channel manufacturer promotes to the retailer, retailer promotes to the consumer Pull is where the manufacturer promotes to the consumer o Product life cycle stage – different kinds of promotions are appropriate at the different stages o Available funds – what they have to spend, percentage of sales (not wise) Advertising o Definition – paid (media time and production), sponsor is identified, persuasive, entertaining, one-way communication o Advertising and market share in consumer goods industries have a high correlation o Effects of advertising on consumers – AIDA Basic types of advertising o Product – focuses on a good or service, either for ultimate consumers or for organizational customers
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o Institutional – focuses on the organization, generating a particular image or concept Creative decisions in advertising o Identify advertising target – use a number of variables to describe the target o Define advertising objectives – AIDA o Define advertising appeal – humor, fear, informational, positive affect o Determine advertising spending – objective task/what is our objective and what will it cost to get there o Develop media plan – where the ad will run, how long and how often o Create advertising message – design the ad, what is said, how it is said o Execute the message – run the ad Message styles o Slice of life – consumers in an everyday situation and the product plays a role in the situation o Lifestyle – associate a particular lifestyle with their product o Mood/image – associate feelings with the product o Testimonial – I used it and it works, consumers or celebrities o Scientific evidence – 9 out of 10 doctors recommend, must be able to back
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Notes 3 - IMC mix integrate promotions and advertising to...

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