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finals answers - Chapter 1 1. Political culture can be...

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Chapter 1 1. Political culture can be defined as the attitudes, habits, and general behavior patterns that people have in relation to their government. These attitudes reflect 3 major issues: (1) What is the proper role of government is society? (2) What is the proper means of participation in society or, in other words, what is a citizen’s duty? (3) How are the government institutions and officeholders performing their duties? 2. The state’s population has become more diverse. As the number of Hispanics has increased, the white percentage has decreased to 52%. 3. Texas’s economy has moderately grown over time. Texas has relied on cotton, cattle, and oil. Lately, Texas also uses agribusiness, technology, and tourism to help the economy. 4. In the education system in Texas, students are performing in mediocrity, teachers have low pay compared to other states, and poor school districts are suffering. Chapter 2 1. Concurrent powers are powers shared by both the state and federal government, which includes the power to tax, the power to borrow, and the power to regulate commerce within the own areas of authority. Powers reserved to the states include public education, police powers, and the right to regulate intrastate commerce. 2. The Constitution of 1869 had a governor with centralized political power who was elected on a four year term and a legislature that met annually. Now, the Constitution of 1876 has a governor elected to two year terms with less power and a legislature that meets biannually. 3.
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finals answers - Chapter 1 1. Political culture can be...

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