chapter 10-13

chapter 10-13 - Chapter 10 1. In the 2000 election, Al Gore...

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Chapter 10 1. In the 2000 election, Al Gore won in the polls but Bush won the Electoral College by four votes. 2. Elections are seen as not rational because given the tiny probability that an individual’s vote will determine the outcome, candidates need to reduce the cost of voting for citizens in order to mobilize them. 3. Up until the 1890’s, registration was performed by political party. Then, the states ran the registration and people had to go to a registrar’s office to register. This caused voter turnout to vote. Literacy became important. In 1993, the Motor Voter Act registered voters when one renews driver’s license. Turnout dropped though because some people don’t drive. 4. The Motor Voter Act caused voter turnout to drop. 5. Partisanship has weakened since the 1950’s because many people believe that candidates share the same opinion on the same issues. People are starting to vote more for the individual. 6. Plurality system – a type of electoral system in which victory goes to the individual who gets the most votes in an election, not necessarily a majority Proportional representation – a multiple-member district that allows each political party representation in proportion to its percentage of the vote 7. The Electoral College is the group of presidential electors from each state who meet in their respective state capitals after the popular election to cast ballots for president and vice president. 8. Voters decide by partisan loyalty, specific issues, and candidate characteristics. 9. Federal rules regulate money spent in campaigns (federal money for presidential campaigns, individual contributions, PAC contributions). Money spent outside of campaigns have weaker regulations (independent expenditures, candidate’s personal money, and party soft money). Personal contributions limited to $1,000
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chapter 10-13 - Chapter 10 1. In the 2000 election, Al Gore...

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