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Unformatted text preview: Piaget-heteronomy being governed by other about what is right and wrong: autonomy-being governed by One: children work with other to discover what is right and wrong. Vygotsky- teachers should challenge and help children learn more. Kohlberg- prconventional-based on good and bad, rewards and punishments second stage is motivated by children’s wants and needs, conventional-morality a matter of social rules, postconventional-morality based on moral principles. Concrete operational stage- use mental images, reverse operations, change in appearance doesn’t mean change in quality or quantity, 1- to-1 correspondence, classification of objects, classification using multiple objects, class inclusive operations. Blooms taxonomy- evaluation: verifies evidence, compares ideas, makes choices, lowest order though; synthesis: use old ideas to create new ones, predicts, relates facts, generalizes; analysis: sees patterns, recognizes hidden meanings, identification of components, organizes parts;...
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