soc chapter 1 - Sociology chapter 1 1. Families today are...

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Sociology chapter 1 1. Families today are very different 1. More diverse 2. More likely to be formed outside marriage 3. Complex array of domestic arrangements 4. More easily fractured 5. Family members spend less time together 6. Parents have less influence over children 2. Marriage is becoming optional 1. Women’s economic role is changing 2. Widespread divorce 3. Cohabiliation ( husband and wife living together) 3. Family is much a cultural symbol as its social form- as much idea as a thing 4. Family is “backstage” can act how they wouldn’t in public. 5. Images and ideals 1. Families should have; husband and wife living together with their kids 2. Father should be bread winner 3. Mother to support husband, guide children, look after home and set moral tone for family 4. 2 biological heterosexual parents 5. “family” embodies love, caring, physical and psychological health 1. Family as haven 1. Image of refuge from impersonal world
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2. Family as a place of intimacy, love and trust 3. Family is love and protection- refuge from cruel world 4. Warmth and tenderness ( mother) 5. Competitiveness and aggressiveness (father) 6. Family’s task was to protect against the outside world. 2. Family as fulfillment 1. Supplies what is needed but missing in other social arrangements 2. Intimacy; spouses, lovers and children make us feel more alive and invigorated 3. Still a haven but with primary fulfillment and meaningful experience 4. Self-fulfillment and enjoyment the essential qualities of modern family life, contrasted with older mortality of duty, responsibility, work and self denial 3. Family as encumbrance 1. We blame family for inhibiting our full human development 2. Monogamous relationships boring and solidifying 6. Images and realities 1. Even thought family imagers have changed, family and society remain the same 2. Family still represents and opposition to work and business
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soc chapter 1 - Sociology chapter 1 1. Families today are...

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