Engagement Letter - From the Law Offices of Tres Steffey...

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From the Law Offices of Tres Steffey 8290 Gate Pkwy West, Unit 802 Jacksonville, FL 32216 904-223-3445 1/30/08 James Hounddog President, Pit Bulls of Florida, Inc. Re: Engagement of Attorney’s Services Dear Mr. Hounddog: I am pleased that you have selected this firm in connection with the above-referenced matter. In my experience, a clear understanding of the scope of my engagement and the terms of my fee rates will assist me in providing you the legal services you require and help each of us avoid misunderstanding about the financial obligations you will incur for my services. Accordingly, this letter outlines our fee arrangement. In connection with my representation, I will investigate the facts pertaining to this matter, prepare and file all necessary pleadings, consult with you as necessary, and conduct such discovery, including depositions, as necessary to represent your interests. It is important that you read this letter carefully inasmuch as after you sign the acknowledgment on the last page hereof, it will constitute a legal and binding contract between you and the firm. Please also refer to the Statement of Client’s Rights and Responsibilities, which is annexed to this agreement. Before commencing any work, the firm requires that you sign and return to my attention the enclosed signed copy of this engagement letter. Scope This agreement is entered into on January 30, 2008, between Mr. Hounddog and Pitt Bulls of Florida, Inc. and this firm. Client retains Attorney to represent Client in any claims arising out of his conduct and the conduct of his corporation. Fees You agree to pay for legal services based upon my standard legal billing rates in effect at the time I perform the services. Billable time shall include preparation, research, and travel time. My hourly billing rates for attorneys and legal support staff are based upon years of experience and level of professional achievement. Currently standard hourly rate $200/hour , and the standard hourly rate of the legal assistant whom I work with is $50/hour . My hourly billing rates may be subject to change in the future. Billable time will be charged in a minimum of .2 units of an hour . Your obligation with respect to payment of my fees is not contingent upon completion or success of the proposed matter.
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In addition to the above fees, you agree to reimburse me for costs and expenses incurred
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Engagement Letter - From the Law Offices of Tres Steffey...

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