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FINAL EXAMINATION 1. Aldosterone a) is a mineralocorticoid. b) is synthesized in the cortex of the kidney. c) binds to a G-protein couple membrane receptor. d) is produced in excessive amounts in Addison’s disease. e) inhibits sodium reabsorption in the cortical collecting ducts in the kidney. 2. Oxytocin a) is produced in males and females. b) is related in structure to antidiuretic hormone. c) induces milk ejection from the lactating mammary gland. d) is produced by the posterior pituitary. e) All of the above statements are CORRECT. 3. ACTH a) stimulates release of glucocorticoids into the circulation. b) blocks release of mineralocorticoids into the circulation. c) is produced by the hypothalamus. d) exerts a positive feedback on the hypothalamus. e) is a steroid hormone. 4. Thyroid hormone a) is composed of two active forms known as T3 and T4. b) is derived from tyrosine amino acids. c) stimulates basal metabolic rate. d) is produced by toxic goiters. e) All of the above statements are CORRECT. 5. Glucocorticoid deficiency a) can lead to reduced blood sugar levels between meals. b) can affect lipid breakdown. c) reduces protein degradation. d) can affect our ability to take stress. e) All of the above statements are CORRECT.
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6. Each of one’s arms has a resistance of 30 PRU. The combined resistance of one’s both arms is thus: a) 10 PRU. b) 15 PRU. c) 30 PRU. d) 45 PRU. e) 60 PRU. 7. A drug that blocks the flow of ions through most of the calcium channels (a “calcium- channel blocker”) in the heart will a) abbreviate the duration of the action potential in ventricular muscle. b) increase the frequency of beating of the sinoatrial node. c) constrict the arterioles in the heart. d) increase the conduction velocity in the AV node. e) increase the conduction velocity in the bundle of His. 8. A premature atrial contraction occurs when there is an ectopic focus somewhere in one of the atria that fires off before the next regular firing of the SA node. What would one most likely see on the ECG during a premature atrial contraction? a) A P-wave followed by a QRS-complex and then by a T-wave. b) An inverted P-wave, not followed by a QRS-complex and a T-wave. c) A QRS-complex followed by a T-wave and then a P-wave. d) No P-wave, no QRS complex, no T-wave. e) None of the above statements is CORRECT. 9. A large dose of an α-adrenergic receptor antagonist is administered to a patient, so that all the α-adrenergic receptors are blocked. Then epinephrine is administered. Which of the following effects would you anticipate to see as a direct result of administering these two drugs (i.e., neglect any reflex compensatory responses that might occur)? a) A rise in heart rate.
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210%20Final%20Exam_2006-2007%20%28WebCT%29 - PHGY 210 001...

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