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OCT. 2005 Conceptual questions 1) Answer: There is only one force acting. Comment: the force is the force of gravity, providing the centripetal acceleration to allow the astronaut to orbit the Earth. 2) Answer: Graph is as shown: 3) Answer: Force of friction is down the plane, towards the inside of the curve. 4) Answer: The mass of the rocket is decreasing as fuel is expelled. 5) Answer: Acceleration is downwards at ‘g’ or downwards at 9.8 m/s 2 . Comment: it’s projectile motion; acceleration is constant , and always downward at g. Problems: 1) Patch of snow on a roof inclined at 30 o . a) If the snow is not sliding, then the force down the plane and the force up the plane (friction) must balance. F down = mg sin(theta) F friction = μ F N = μ mg cos(theta) If the two balance, then we get μ = tan(theta) = tan(30) = 0.58 b) If the kinetic coefficient is 0.20, what is the speed of the snow at the edge of the roof? We have the total force down the plane as:
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PHYS_101_Midterm_Solutions-2005 - PHYS 101 MIDTERM...

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