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LAB 10 ANIMAL ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY Answers to the lab manual questions: Describe the method daphnia use to swim. What structures are used? How are daphnia oriented when they swim? (10-5) Daphnia orient themselves vertically in the water column. They use only their antennae for locomotion. Powerful downward strokes propel the daphnia upward, head first. Because there is only one pair of appendages providing swimming power, the motion of the movement is jerky. The daphnia sink slowly when swimming, and extend their
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Unformatted text preview: antennae to slow their descent. Based on your knowledge of other arthropods, do daphnia have an open or closed circulatory system? (10-6) Open At temperatures greater than 40 o C, daphnias heart rate drops quite quickly. Why? (10-8) At such temperatures, the proteins of daphnia (and most organisms) start to denature (lose their shape). These proteins are no longer functional. Daphnia can no longer function properly and begin to die....
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