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1 CHAPTER 8 Circuit Switching and Telephone Network Review Questions 1. Circuit switching, packet switching, and message switching. 3. A crosspoint is a microswitch at the junction of an input and an output line in a crossbar switch. 5. In a single crossbar switch, every combination of input and output has its own individual crosspoint. Therefore blocking does not occur. 7. In a space-division switch, the path from one device to another is spatially sepa- rate from other paths. The inputs and the outputs are connected using a grid of electronic microswitches. In a time-division switch, the inputs are divided in time using TDM. A control unit sends the input to the correct output device. 9. A TSI consists of RAM with several memory locations. The size of each location is equal to the size of a single time slot (TDM). There are as many locations as input devices. The RAM fills up with incoming data from the time slot in the order received. The control unit in the TSI sends out the slots to the correct output
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