Sol17 - CHAPTER 17 SONET/SDH Solutions to Review Questions...

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1 CHAPTER 17 SONET/SDH Solutions to Review Questions and Exercises Review Questions 1. The ANSI standard is called SONET and the ITU-T standard is called SDH . The standards are nearly identical. 2. SONET defines a hierarchy of electrical signaling levels called synchronous transport signals (STSs) . SDH specifies a similar system called a synchronous transport module (STM). 3. STS multiplexers/demultiplexers mark the beginning points and endpoints of a SONET link. An STS multiplexer multiplexes signals from multiple electrical sources and creates the corresponding optical signal. An STS demultiplexer demultiplexes an optical signal into corresponding electric signals. Add/drop mul- tiplexers allow insertion and extraction of signals in an STS. An add/drop multi- plexer can add an electrical signals into a given path or can remove a desired signal from a path. 4. STSs are the hierarchy of electrical signals defined by the SONET standards. OCs are the corresponding optical signals. 5. Pointers are used to show the offset of the SPE in the frame or for justification . SONET uses two pointers show the position of an SPE with respect to an STS. SONET use the third pointer for rate adjustment between SPE and STS. 6. A single clock handles the timing of transmission and equipment across the entire network. 7. A regenerator takes a received optical signal and regenerates it. The SONET regenerator also replaces some of the existing overhead information with new information. 8. SONET defines four layers: path , line , section , and photonic .
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Sol17 - CHAPTER 17 SONET/SDH Solutions to Review Questions...

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