Sol23 - CHAPTER 23 Process-to-Process Delivery Solutions to...

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1 CHAPTER 23 Process-to-Process Delivery: Solutions to Review Questions and Exercises Review Questions 1. Reliability is not of primary importance in applications such as echo, daytime, BOOTP, TFTP and SNMP. In custom software, reliability can be built into the cli- ent/server applications to provide a more reliable, low overhead service. 2. IP and UDP are both connectionless and unreliable protocols . The main differ- ence in their reliability is that IP only calculates a checksum for the IP header and not for the data while UDP calculates a checksum for the entire datagram. 3. Port addresses do not need to be universally unique as long as each IP address/port address pair uniquely identify a particular process running on a particular host. A good example would be a network consisting of 50 hosts, each running echo server software. Each server uses the well known port number 7, but the IP address, together with the port number of 7, uniquely identify a particular server program on a particular host. Port addresses are shorter than IP addresses because their domain, a single system, is smaller than the domain of IP addresses, all systems on the Internet. 4. Ephemeral is defined as short-lived or transitory. Ephemeral port numbers are only used for the duration of a single communication between client and server, so they are indeed short-lived. 5. The minimum size of a UDP datagram is 8 bytes at the transport layer and 28 bytes at the IP layer. This size datagram would contain no data–only an IP header with no options and a UDP header. The implementation may require padding.
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Sol23 - CHAPTER 23 Process-to-Process Delivery Solutions to...

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