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ACCT 250 CAR EXAM 2 REVIEW SHEET 5/12/2009 SPRING 2008 F ORMAT Approximately 5 to 15% of points on multiple choice questions Approximately 85 to 95% of points on short answer problems / questions o You must show your work for full credit on short answer problems Bring a calculator Refer to your syllabus for other exam policies The outline below includes topics expected to be covered on the exam and estimated weights; those topics in bold italics are likely to receive heavier coverage on the exam. C HAPTER 5 A CTIVITY -B ASED C OSTING AND M ANAGEMENT Topics from this chapter will likely represent 45 to 55% of available points Benefits and limitations of ABC o Compare and contrast to traditional job costing systems Classify activities as unit, batch, product, customer or facility Select cost driver and calculate POHRs
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Unformatted text preview: • Calculate product cost in an ABC environment o Compare job cost system o Excess capacity in ABC • Activity-Based Management o Value-added analysis o Customer profitability analysis C HAPTER 6 – C OST E STIMATION Topics from this chapter will likely represent 45 to 55% of available points • Patterns of cost behavior (fixed, step-fixed, variable, mixed, etc.) • Concept of the relevant range • Methods of cost estimation o High-low o Regression - Simple & Multiple o Evaluation of regression effectiveness • Interpret results of cost estimation to forecast future cost • Implementation problems • Learning curve analysis A take home portion of the exam will be distributed on April 4 th . 47c5f16b95239b9335c555f1fde8236bb29c6ce6.doc PAGE 1 OF 1...
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