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Final Exam – Part 1 1. The title of the textbook is “Writing for Visual Media”. 2. The textbook is published by Focal Press. 3. The author of the textbook is Anthony Friedmann. 4. Anthony Friedman dedicated the book to Pauline and Gaston. 5. The scriptwriter must deliver the script while avoiding abuse and retaining as much control over their vision as possible while working with the director. The producer’s role is too make the collaboration between the scriptwriter and the director productive by finding financing. 6. [parentheticals indicate how each of the following should be scripted] –(RACK FOCUS) A rack focus is accomplished when the depth-of-field in the lens is changed on-screen by adjusting the focus ring on the lens barrel. This technique is often used to shift the viewer’s attention to another area of the frame. -(PAN) A pan can move from left to right or right to left, and is the most common camera movement. It is useful in following action. -(GRAPHICS) A cutaway shot of a computer-generated spaceship on “Star Trek” is an
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