Sacred and Profane

Sacred and Profane - or a misuse or abuse of the sacred To...

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Jordan Ganung Sociology of Religion Midterm All religions that exist in the world today have different values and beliefs. Though each religion is different each of them deem things to be either sacred or profane in nature. It is essential to understand these concepts and their relevance to better understand religion. The term sacred is a term that is apparent within all religions. The word is associated with things or ideas that are holy or of divine nature. The Ten Commandments, crosses, the torah and the Quran are just some things that are held sacred. If something is deemed to be profane it may simply mean that it is not sacred; but it also has a meaning of being irreligious
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Unformatted text preview: or a misuse or abuse of the sacred. To best be able to understand the religions around the world one must very familiar with what different religions deem to be sacred and profane. All the teachings within a church are placed into either the sacred category or the profane category. Having a strong understanding of what values are placed in what category will make it exceedingly easier to understand what a certain religion is about. As one can see it is essential to understand what things and ideas are held sacred and profane within a religion. Without the knowledge of what sacred and profane is one cannot fully understand what religion means to the people that are members....
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Sacred and Profane - or a misuse or abuse of the sacred To...

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