Compare Eastern Religions

Compare Eastern Religions - to escape the suffering of...

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Jordan Ganung Sociology of Religion Midterm The two eastern religions Hinduism and Buddhism share many of the same concepts but also differ in many ways. Both Hinduism and Buddhism are more philosophical than religious. They both exemplify concepts of karma, compassion and several levels of heaven and hell. Both describe an all-encompassing philosophy and define existence itself. For instance, the essential Hindu concept defining the individual and his responsibilities is dharma. One must fulfill his roles in society and the world. Such responsibilities include reproduction and caste duties. Dharma defines correct living for a Hindu. Buddhism has a similar concept, dhamma. Dharmma does not imply specific biological or social obligations, but maintains a comparable philosophical construct. The Buddhist dhamma is the path which must be taken
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Unformatted text preview: to escape the suffering of worldly life. The largest difference between Hinduism and Buddhism is that within Hinduism society their caste system plays a major role. The caste system divides the Hindu people into four major classes, Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra, and "untouchables," or people outside of all the classes. Members of certain castes have certain duties. Caste is determined by birth, allowing no social advancement, career choice, or individual freedom. This is very different within Buddhist society. Buddhism concentrates not on the society, but on the individual, thus divorcing religion from the interests of the ruling stratum. Buddhism also seems to be less ritualistic and deity-dependent than Hinduism....
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Compare Eastern Religions - to escape the suffering of...

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