Theology and Theodicy

Theology and Theodicy - God is supposed to be good and...

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Jordan Ganung Sociology of Religion Midterm Theology is the study of religious doctrines, and matters of divinity, specifically the study of god and the relations between god, mankind and the universe, as put forth by particular religions. In other words theology is the study of the specific teachings within a certain religion; the study of how ones religion works. Theodicy is the theological study seeking to vindicate divine justice in a world where evil exists. Theodicy involves any attempt to explain the ways of God to men. It specifically refers to the attempts to explain the ways of God in order to justify the amount of evil and suffering in the world even though
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Unformatted text preview: God is supposed to be good and loving. The relationship between theology and theodicy is one of cooperation. The goal of theodicy is to show that there are convincing reasons why a just, compassionate and omnipotent god would permit suffering and evil to flourish. Theodicy exists because there is a need for answers among the churches around the world. The study allows for theories to be formulated that can make a certain religion stronger and give possible answers to this difficult question....
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