Compare Islam and Christianity

Compare Islam and Christianity - and ideas The largest...

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Jordan Ganung Sociology of Religion Midterm Christianity and Islam are two of the largest religions on the planet. Although strikingly similar they also differ in very impacting ways. Islam and Christianity are similar both with their basic concepts and theory of creation. They both believe in a monotheistic god that created humans and that he also has a unique relationship with them. Not only is the basic structure the same, oddly enough they also share mostly the same views. The Quran has similar passages the Bible’s Ten Commandments. They even have similar moral values such as; faith is useless without work meaning that it is not enough to just simply say “I believe” and things such as intoxication and suicide are prohibited etc. Although all these things are interesting there are also many other contrasting views
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Unformatted text preview: and ideas. The largest difference may be that Muslims do not believe Jesus to be the son of god. He was simply a prophet, he was never crucified nor was he ever resurrected. Pertaining to the differences among each other moral code Islam believes that anything that is legal is also moral thus it can always change. Christians believe that law and morality are two very different things and they should rightfully be seperated. As we can see these two religions are very similar but they also differ in the largest of ways. Not only do they differ in beliefs they also differ in their social organization. Almost all Christian counties have secular governments; however Muslims believe that it is necessary to incorporate religion with government....
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Compare Islam and Christianity - and ideas The largest...

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