Exam 1 Study Guide - Fall '04 - ECE398SSL Computer Systems...

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ECE398SSL: Computer Systems Engineering Fall 2004 Study Guide Sample Questions for the Second Midterm This guide contains example questions to help you study for the coming midterm. As was the case with the previous guide, most of these questions are short answer, whereas the test will include a larger portion of questions that require some code or analysis of code. The questions here are also not as carefully designed for clarity, in part so as to encourage you to think about different angles. On tests, we try to make our questions more precise. You may bring two 8.5x11” sheets (both sides) of handwritten notes to the test. No other materials are allowed. No calculators or other electronic devices are allowed. 1. You are working on a new device driver with a friend. Your friend suggests adding a routine that replaces the driver’s internal data structures with a new set passed in from user-space (after discarding the previous version of the data structures). Explain why such a routine is useful and what drawbacks it presents. 2. Explain how a virtual address is translated to a physical address using a two-level page table hierarchy. Count the number of memory accesses involved. 3. How does use of virtual memory prevent a malicious program from contaminating or destroying another program’s memory? 4. Give an example of how memory fragmentation can negatively impact a system without virtual memory. 5. What does a file descriptor represent? How is it used? 6. Why are the file structures used in the kernel not directly accessible to the program using the file? 7. How does the Linux kernel track the number of uses of a file structure (or memory map)? Why does it do so? 8. Explain the purpose of major and minor numbers for device drivers. 9. How are a device’s numbers (major and/or minor) used to allow a program to interact with a device? 10.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course ECE 391 taught by Professor Kalbarczyk during the Spring '08 term at University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

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Exam 1 Study Guide - Fall '04 - ECE398SSL Computer Systems...

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