MGT 172 Homework #2

MGT 172 Homework #2 - uncertainty. 5-26 1) Managing 2)...

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Seon Andrew Choi MGT 172 April 16, 2007 HOMEWORK Assignment #2 4-8 4-24 A functional manager should assign his best people to me on a long-term project because it will help hit deadlines and be on time. It may also help shorten the project deadline. 5-4 The amount of risk and uncertainty in the project should not matter on the amount of authority that is granted to a project manager. The project manager should be able to always use his style of management in order to work with any kind of risk and
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Unformatted text preview: uncertainty. 5-26 1) Managing 2) Managing 3) Doing 4) Doing 5) Doing 6) Doing 7) Managing 8) Doing 9) Managing 10) Managing 11) Managing 12) Managing 13) Managing 14) Managing 15) Managing 16) Doing 17) Managing 18) Managing 19) Managing 20) Managing 9-2 Yes I believe that everyone in the organization must understand the rules of the game for project management to be effective. The knowledge should be shared internally. Therefore everyone in the organization should be on the same page....
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MGT 172 Homework #2 - uncertainty. 5-26 1) Managing 2)...

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