AIDS MT 2 Notes

AIDS MT 2 Notes - CRF circulating recombinant form: two...

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CRF – circulating recombinant form: two different clades infection simulatiously. Genomes of 2 types of same progeny particles. 3 High Jack Molecules : CD4 (surface; t cell receptor); CCR5 CXCR4 chemokine receptor; tRNAlys3 (form PIC, becomes part of PIC and get into nucleus) cDNA vs PIC : Viral RNA genome-> RT cDNA; PIC include cDNA & nuclear transportation signals and integrase. - Innate/adaptive: humoral /cellular: nonspecific, specific - made in stem cells of bone marrow. B cell mature in Bmarrow, T: Thymus - Apoptos is: nonfunctional antibody genes, recognizes body’s own tissues, binds antigens too early - When a naïve B cell binds an antigen and if a T-helper cell encounters it, release cytokines , which cause mitosis of B cell to produce plasma cells or memory cells. - antibodies : directly disrupt pathogen; cuase to attach to Ag/Ab complex; makr for destruction cells of immune - MHC : Major Histocompatibility Complex; MHC I: CD8 recog MHC I + antigen and release perforin & interferon . - CD4 T cells: activate macrophages & B cells; boost production of antibodies; create memory cells - 1% homozygous gene for CCR5 receptor and 18 hetero, 70 more resistant. CCR5*32. - Provirus : when viral DNA integrated into host chromo; replicated w/ host - Polio Vaccine : don’t’ have SIVagm, chimp; Kidney cells CD4-, HIV need CD4+ to infect; oral vaccine, estimate 1930, but vaccine 1950s. - RNA virus mutation 10^4-^5, mutation in every ^8 and ^9 pairs. HIV genome is 10^4 base pair. Shows
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AIDS MT 2 Notes - CRF circulating recombinant form: two...

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