corporate finance Test outline

corporate finance Test outline - Roles of Financial Man:...

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Unformatted text preview: Roles of Financial Man: CFO; treasurer to oversea cash, credit management, capital expenditures, finance planning; Control ers: oversees taxes, cost accounting, financial accounting, data Sole Proprietorship (easy start, least regulation, single owner, tax as personal income//unlimited liability, limited to life of owner, equity capital limit to owners weath) partnership (general; limited): two or more owner, more capital, easy start, personal income tax// unlimited liability, partnership dissolve from death, difficult transfer of ownership corporation (s-corp, limited liability company): limited liability, unlimited life, separatation of ownership and management, transfer of ownership easy, easy capital// separation of ownership and managemtn, double tax network capital: current assets-current liabilities (healthy comp +) liquidity: able to convert to cash quick, however earn lower return Book vs Market: Market: price at which assets, liabilities, or equity can actual y be bought or sold; Book: often seen in balance sheets of assets, liabilities, and equity Cash Flow From Assets (CFFA)= CF to creditors + CF to Stockholders CFFA= operating CF net Capital spending changes in the NWC...
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corporate finance Test outline - Roles of Financial Man:...

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