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career - shoulder and back problems Well I wouldn’t be...

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Jessie Schweich English 150 Melanny Cowley October 1, 2007 Career Interview America’s Merical Workers There are plenty of us that find enjoyment of getting roughed up, slamming each other against the boards, and against all odds, pushing ourselves to the limits of exhaustion and breakdowns. Reflecting on that, I often ask myself, where would I be if I didn’t have the proper care before and after my practice? How would I get the right strength conditioning to fix my
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Unformatted text preview: shoulder and back problems? Well, I wouldn’t be getting any better at my sport, if I didn’t have my athletic trainer by my side at practice and at meets. Athletic Trainers devote their life and patience to us athletes. There are there at practice before anyone else. No one can understand how time consuming and the hard work and skill it takes to become an Athletic Trainer....
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