essay_2_test_3 - abstinence o He admits that he struggles...

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Essay 1 Virgil- Aneid your human responsibility is to your country St. Augustine- human responsibility is to live morally, realize if you are living amorally, no pleasure for earthly things, love for God only The person who wrote everyman- responsibility to do good deeds, there the only thing that go to your grave with you. Essay 2 o Dido o She was a distraction for Aneas because she was a sexual figure, distracted him from his journey. o Seen as a bad thing o As soon as they had sex she assumed they were married and going to be together o Threw a big fit when he left, held him o Aneid by Virgil 70-19BCE (post Trojan war era) OR Odysseus o Had sex with many different women (goddesses) such as Circe and Calypso o Very open about sex, even though he was married and was on the journey to get back to his wife o Odyssey by Homer 8 th century BCE St. Augustine o Strongly for abstinence o Because of his strong stance, the Catholic church today encourages
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Unformatted text preview: abstinence o He admits that he struggles with lust and sexual desire o Sexual abstinence best because the Fall threw human passion and will out of balance, and sexual desire is a corrupting force and a punishment for original sin; marriage is acceptable but only for procreation o 4 th-5 th century Chaucers Wife of Bath o She is very open about her sexuality o Gross stereoptype only secular women represented, if youre not a nun youre a slut, Mary v. Eve o She was very lustful and married for sex o She has had 5 husbands the last husband was much younger and treated her badly but she stayed with him for the sex o She calls a husband her debtor and slave and says she has power over his body because she can give or take away sexual pleasure o Found in the Canterbury Tales written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14 th century...
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essay_2_test_3 - abstinence o He admits that he struggles...

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