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Essay_4_test_3 - Essay 4 Calvin didn't believe in...

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Essay 4 Calvin didn’t believe in toleration in Geneva the city where he began a theocracy. All heritcs were executed. For example Servacus sent Calvin his book bc thought he was rational calvin just sent it back. Loyola—catholic church was only way to salvation all protestants are heritics. Made the order of Jesuits and obeyed Pope as highest leader Montaigne—believed in religious tolerance work on cannibalism- puts Europeans in negative light he looks down upon reigious wars which is more barbaric than men in Brazil How does each auther understand tolerance? To either calvin or Loyola any religion tolerance would be condemning blasphemy and heretical beliefs since they thought there was only one path to salvation. Montaigne as long as you are only trying to obtain what is necessary for yourself and not infringing upon the necessity of others you should be tolerated. Who is being tolerated/persecuted Calvin- anyone who does not agree with him
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