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Communication Type Assignment The person I chose to discuss is my boyfriend, Rich. I believe that he has the “open communication style”. I believe that this is the case with him because whenever we talk he tells me every single aspect of his day; from the time he wakes until the moment we start talking. He expects me to disclose the same with him. Sometimes I forget to tell him things and he gets upset with me because he thinks that I am keeping things from him. All of my friends (and their mothers) keep telling me how lucky I am that I have found a guy who is willing to communicate often and for LONG periods of time. Most of the time I
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Unformatted text preview: enjoy conversing with him; however, there are certain times when I just want to relax and not necessarily talk and he just keeps on talking. The part that I do like about Rich being an open communicator is that he does want to know everything that is happening in my life. This is important because we plan on getting married so we have to become a we. In essence, all aspects of our lives have to coincide in some shape or form. Because Rich has taken such an interest in my life as well as disclosing every part of his, it makes it a lot easier to make this transition....
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