Midterm Review (Completed)

Midterm Review (Completed) - MUPF 419 Review Satchmo by...

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Satchmo by Louis Armstrong How is racism illustrated by Armstrong's ride north on the train? -Armstrong was in a colored section where they had no service. They had to bring their own food. What does the incident with a Chicago cop tell us about the status of Joe Oliver in Chicago? -The police officer referred to him as “King” Oliver which meant his status had risen in Chicago How does Louis perceive the standing of musicians within the black community of Chicago? -He thought they were treated royally and had a lot of power…private baths…cop got him a taxi How does Louis let us know of the growing interest of white musicians in playing jazz? -White people were in King Oliver’s band, which was looked on as one of the best, if not the best What do Louis' comments about Lil Hardin tell us about his Victorian values towards women? -Women were still somewhat looked down upon…she was really wonderful “for a woman” Bix, Austin High and Chicago Style by Arnold Shaw What was the NORK and where did it work? -New Orleans Rhythm Kings; Friars Inn in Chicago How did the Austin High Gang come about? -A group of white youngsters who got together after school at an ice cream parlor to listen to new records Who were the Chicagoans and what was “Chicago style” as opposed to “New Orleans style?” -The mostly white group of jazz musicians who played in Chicago Style, which is “ a largely orchestral ragtime sound with a heavy two-bear march rhythm” -Chicago Style and New Orleans style are essentially the same thing, while Dixieland was how it was came to be known in the South and in New Orleans Why can it be said that Bix was a legend in his own time? -He had the talent, personality, and lifestyle of which legends are made, and had a premature “but not entirely unanticipated” death at 28 Who were the three important white bands that Bix worked with in the 20’s? -The Wolverines, The Jean Goldkette Band, and the symphonic jazz band of Paul Whiteman What European influences are found in Bix’s playing? Why is this so? -Modern innovators like Shonberg, Stravinsky, Hols, Eastwood, Wagner, Ravel, Debussy; He was interested and enthralled by them, and he was partial to whole-tone harmonies (which he may have been first to include in the jazz vocabulary) Why do historians like Richard Haddock feel “Bix spent his adult life attempting to reconcile his musical individualism with the demands of the American entertainment industry?” -Tremendous demands were put on him by the radio, the bands with which he was involved, and his friends. He was only able to cope largely as a result of his fantastic ear. Q's for review of Lectures
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Midterm Review (Completed) - MUPF 419 Review Satchmo by...

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