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There are some differences between the movie version of the story “Soldier’s Home” and the actual short story itself. The most obvious difference is length. The story is no more than 5 pages long, but the movie was much longer. This is mainly due to the fact that the movie took certain events from the story and explored them much more in depth. For example, in the movie we actually see Harold come home, mingling at the train station as he realizes that he has arrived too late. We see him sitting quietly at home as he feels out of place and alone. In the story, we only know that Harold comes home and that there were no parties to welcome him. In the story it is also mentioned that Harold did not want to come home from Germany, but in the movie this is not explicitly stated. It can be assumed, however, because Harold does not seem interested in life back home whatsoever. In the story, he seems much more obsessed reading maps and literature about the war itself. In the movie, this issue is touched on lightly. We can see
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