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Assignment #2 - Taylor Zea USC ID 3982229873 Assignment#2...

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Taylor Zea USC ID: 3982229873 Assignment #2 With the growing trend of blogs, the communication channel, process, and impact are greatly impacted. All eight aspects of the communication process are altered; especially the sender, encoding, receiver, noise, and feedback. The sender is universal. Anyone with a connection to the internet is capable of creating a blog of his or her own thoughts, opinions, and perspectives. The openness of this communication is key to the diversity of blogging because no status or prerequisite is required to express a thought. The executive of a company holds as much clout and opportunity for speaking out as does the gardener. On the other end, the receiver is unlimited as well. This type of openness contributes to the positive and negative sides of online communication. Language of the internet varies from the language of verbal or written, formal communication and therefore the encoding of messages do not necessarily follow the norms of common language. Especially with the use of acronyms, “buzzwords”, and symbols to express emotion, such as LOL (laughing out loud) or *wink* to convey physical movement, the symbols used by the sender add more to be interpreted by the receiver. The use of blogging also opens up the person writing them. People tend to feel more free with their words since blogs tend to be stream of consciousness and highly emotional. With all of the variances due to communication online, more noise results.
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Assignment #2 - Taylor Zea USC ID 3982229873 Assignment#2...

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