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12/7/06 Communications 100 Group Project Going into the group presentations I had mixed feelings. On one hand, I do not like leaving a part of my grade up to someone else. I enjoy earning my grade and getting whatever grade I deserve. On the other hand, I very nervous when doing presentations alone, so doing the presentation with a group helped that a little bit. Group projects also mean a lot of work. A great deal of effort and time need to go into the group project so you can pull your weight and keep the group happy with you. In my group, we had only minor problems. One of my group members was having difficulty with the outline, so we helped him along until he figured out what he had to do. There was also a problem with making sure one of the group members was at class on time for the presentation. Me as well as the other
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Unformatted text preview: group members were a little worried because the group member was absent on the day the outlines were due, and we were a little scared he might not show up for the actual presentation. This was not the case, so all went well. Another problem I had was the length of my presentation. After a little more research and re-adjustment, I feel that my part of the presentation was pretty good. I feel that my group did a pretty good job on the presentation. The presentation itself seemed to be a little under the twenty minute quota that you asked for, but I feel that the content of the presentation made up for it. I am happy with my group members. I feel that we worked well as a team, and we learned a good amount from the presentation as well as from each other....
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