week 10 reading

week 10 reading - "Even If It Worked, Cloning Wouldn't...

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“Even If It Worked, Cloning Wouldn't Bring Her Back” by Thomas H. Murray (p.568) 1. At the Congressional Hearings on cloning, Brigitte Boisselier read a letter. What was that letter about? Boisselier’s letter was from a father who had recently lost his 11 month old son to heart complications. It was about the father’s want for the son to be able to be cloned. 2. What was the tragedy that Murray and his family had experienced that informed his stance towards cloning? Murray had a daughter that was murdered five months before the congressional hearing. 3. Explain in you own words the four hard truths about cloning that Thomas Murray articulates. He states first that cloning does not lead to healthy offspring being created. Most of what has been cloned so far suffer through malformation and defects. Second, even if someone were to be cloned from the same genetic material, they would not necessarily be the same person they were before. As much as the genetic material influences development, there are other factors that would not be the same. Third, it is ethically wrong to create a substitute for a dead child. The new child would not be itself but merely a replacement.
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week 10 reading - "Even If It Worked, Cloning Wouldn't...

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