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PHL 314 assignment 2 - Reading Comprehension Journal- 13th...

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Reading Comprehension Journal- 13 th September American Nurses' Association (ANA), “Code of Ethics for Nurses,” ( Biomedical Ethics , p.172) 1. According to the ANA, nurses' primary commitment is to whom? Answer: The commitment is to the patient. 2. What is the nature of nurses' relationship with other health care providers? Answer: They are expected to maintain a professional relationship with other providers and to help advance and contribute to health care and welfare. 3. Explain in your own words the aim of that relationship. Answer: Nurses, while expected to work genially with other professionals and patients, are not expected to be subordinate to them or answer to doctors or physicians. ----------- Helga Kuhse, “Advocacy or Subservience for the Sake of Patients?” ( Biomedical Ethics , p.180) 1. According to Kuhse, what is the reason for the existence of professions such as nursing and medicine? Answer: Kuhse’s view is that nurses are supposed to be patient advocates, committed to their wellbeing rather than being subservient to doctors and physicians. 2. Explain Robert Baker's position in your own words regarding the nature of the nursing profession.
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PHL 314 assignment 2 - Reading Comprehension Journal- 13th...

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