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PHL 314 week 5

PHL 314 week 5 - Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs...

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Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, AMA, Withholding and Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Treatment (p. 327) 1. Identify the principle that requires physicians respect the decision of mentally competent to forgo medical treatment, including life sustaining treatments. Answer: Patient autonomy requires physicians to forgo treatment. 2. According to the AMA, why should patients’ preferences and values be taken into with respect to life sustaining treatments? Answer: The patients should be involved in decisions regarding their own body. If a treatment is painful, invasive, uncomfortable, or otherwise not in accordance with the patient’s wishes, their opinion is very important. 3. Explain in your own words the argument that the AMA gives in support of the claim that withdrawing or withholding treatment is not at odds with the principles of beneficence and non- maleficence (the principle of do no harm). Answer: In the end, the autonomous patient is the one who determines what will happen to their body.
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