week 11 reading

week 11 reading - Kai Nelson, "Autonomy, Equality and...

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Kai Nelson, “Autonomy, Equality and a Just Health Care System” (p.639) 1. What is Neilsen’s response to those who claim that equality and liberty are at odds? Neilson’s view is that the tiered system of healthcare undermines the principle of equality. Because everyone deserves proper healthcare, total equality is necessary in conjunction with autonomy. 2. David Braybrooke has distinguished between “course-of-life” needs and adventitious needs. Explain the differences between those two kinds of needs. Course of life needs imply what it sounds like. They are needs that every human, regardless of class or occupation, needs in the course of their life. They are the most basic of needs. Adventitious needs are those that make life more confortable, but they are not necessary or required. 3. According to Neilsen, what are basic (course-of-life) health care needs? Neilsen identifies the basic needs as food, water, exercise, excretion, and rest/sleep. He also identifies more abstract needs, such as companionship, education,
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week 11 reading - Kai Nelson, "Autonomy, Equality and...

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