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Assignment 1 - 10/02/2006 Sociology 100 MWF @ 11am...

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10/02/2006 Sociology 100 MWF @ 11am Assignment 1 For Assignment 1, I decided to do my observations at the Butterfield Dining Hall. I thought this was a good place to do my observations because it is usually a very diverse place where people congregate to eat meals and socialize. This would give me the opportunity to observe and document the distinctions of the people in the dining hall by gender, age, race, etc. I went to the dining hall three different times to see if there were any differences in the atmosphere from meal to meal. My first trip to the dining hall was on Thursday August 21, 2006 at 8:05am. The dining hall seemed to have more females than males at this time. Racially, the majority of people were White/Caucasian. The second most popular race was African Americans, with a few groups of Asians. I was seated near the dessert stand towards the back of the dining hall. There were five tables that could seat four people in front of me, and two tables that could seat eight people to my left. Conversations going on were mostly about classes that were coming up that day, while other conversations were about the opposite sex, and some about the quality of the food in the dining hall. I noticed that there were a bunch of people eating alone that morning. There wasn’t a whole lot of body language
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Assignment 1 - 10/02/2006 Sociology 100 MWF @ 11am...

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