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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon A common event that is pointed out to support the idea of unnatural global warming is the melting of polar ice caps. Climatologist John Christy, who is considered an expert in his field, at the University of Alabama has recorded observations that has put the melting ice caps in a new light when he stated, “If you look at the long term records, the Arctic has been as warm or warmer than it is today”.
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Unformatted text preview: His observations come from data stating that from 1917 to 1937 the Arctic heated up twice as quickly as it has in the past two decades. This fact shows that a more severe warming of the earth has happened in the past, which seems to have been natural, and had no detrimental effects are evident. It also raises serious doubts about the evidence of melting ice caps as a sign of unnatural global warming, which is commonly quoted by environmental activists....
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