fast plant - TA Arek Horozyan 3-19-08 Bio Lab 112 Effect of...

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TA Arek Horozyan 3-19-08 Bio Lab 112 Effect of Salinity on Growth of Wisconsin Fast Plants Introduction: Plants require certain nutrients in certain amounts in order to develop and grow properly. The plant species Brassica rapa is no exception. Oxygen and Carbon dioxide are two such elements taken from the air that compose a majority of a plant. The air is not the sole source of nutrition for a plant; the soil provides water and a list of elements that allow plants to perform certain functions. The varying amounts of these nutrients can have beneficial affects to a plant but the opposite is a possibility as well. Too much or too little of anyone of a nutrient could be lethal to a plant. The roots of a plant that acquire the nutrients from the surrounding soil are designed to allow specific nutrients in and out. This means if the roots ability to acquire necessary nutrients or kept out unwanted nutrients was hampered that plant would most likely be negatively affected. Salt is a chemical that can inhibit the roots ability to absorb nutrients; however this could be beneficial, neutral, or harmful on the plant. High concentrations of salt in the soil create stress for the plant as osmosis wants to draw water out of the plant in order to restore balance between the plants internal environment and the outside environment. High concentrations can even be toxic to some plants however it is common that the salt tends to just inhibit the
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absorption of potassium into a plant. Thus when the Brassica rapa has high concentration of salt added into the soil it’ll inhibit growth quite significantly, however low concentrations of salt will not increase growth. Therefore the ideal concentration for this plant would be a mediocre
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course BIOL 112 taught by Professor Lum during the Spring '08 term at Loyola Marymount.

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fast plant - TA Arek Horozyan 3-19-08 Bio Lab 112 Effect of...

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