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Professor Seabrook-Derrington Psychology 100 03-22-08 Correlation between Logical Reasoning and Mathematics Seven scientists from Oxford University decided to test the well accepted idea that a child’s level of logical reasoning is a decent indicator of a child’s mathematics comprehension. This assumption had never been tested previously, thus they tested this assumption as a hypothesis in two different experiments. The goal of the first study was to collect data in order to show whether a child’s logic reasoning is correlated to their mathematic abilities. To accomplish this, a series of tests were administered to 53 children, about the age of 6 years old, one-on-one with an instructor and then again a year later. The children took the British Abilities Scale (BASll), which measures an individual’s cognitive ability, to test for quantitative ability, verbal similarities, number skills and matrices because the four subtest have high reliability and high retest reliability. A high reliability is essential for acquiring significant data and high retest correlation is important as the subjects retake the tests. The second test involved recalling numbers backwards and counting recall due to the fact that they have a high correlation with mathematical test and high retest reliability. This test is called the Working Memory Test Battery for Children. Finally the children
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psych paper - Professor Seabrook-Derrington Psychology 100...

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