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argument paper draft 2 part 2

argument paper draft 2 part 2 - Professor Cantor English...

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Professor Cantor English 110 November 6, 2007 Global Warming: Does it exist? Draft #2 Some claim that it’s the doom of mankind while others dismiss it as a figment of people’s wild imagination, but the reality is, no one really knows. The topic of global warming however has grasped the attention of the world in the past several years. The discussions and debates have significantly increased not only in households and schools but in the political arenas as well. The epitome of global warming discussion in politics is Albert Arnold Gore Jr., former Vice President, congressmen and prominent environmental activist. Because of individuals like Al Gore this issue has come to be viewed as a prominent threat to earth’s survival by many around the world. On the other hand, some people see global warming as a natural occurrence that is blown up into a disaster by tree hugging activists. Due to the lack of facts on both sides of this argument it can be difficult to understand the theories that have been developed in order to explain what is happening. An interesting question is when we, humans, first realized that we were potentially harming the world’s climate. It’s believed that humans began affecting the world’s climate in the 1950’s. About the same time the world’s population increased by sixty percent along with an increase of twenty percent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere according to some scientists. The idea of global warming is not a new one as people like Svante Arrhenius, Swedish Nobelist, predicted that carbon dioxide could lead to a global warming over a hundred and ten years ago.
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So why is it than that only in the past several years has any actual action been made to start combating this believed threat to earth? This topic contains many different theories which lead to many disagreements and the many unknown aspects only add confusion to the topic. In order to avoid such confusion here is a general summary of what global warming is believed to be as of today. Greenhouse gases; carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, water vapor and nitrous oxide, are believed to be the cause of global warming. This is because a natural increase of these gases has begun to show up in our atmosphere. The earth is believed to be able to maintain a certain balance of greenhouse gases that are kept trapped within the atmosphere to provide heat for life. However some activists claim that man is responsible for disrupting this balance by release vast amounts of greenhouse gases through excessive use of fossil fuels, deforestation, and over population. Driving oversized automobiles like SUVs that emit large amounts of carbon dioxide, each new generation having numerous children even though the age of death gets older, and the destruction of plant life that absorbs the harmful carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere. These activities along with others not listed are tipping the balance of greenhouses
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argument paper draft 2 part 2 - Professor Cantor English...

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