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BLAW brief1 - ApplicaTon A³er examining the ongoing...

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Southern Prestige Industries VS. Independence Plating Corp. Facts: Two companies that are in a business relationship, but both from different states. One being Southern Prestige Indus-tries, which is in North Carolina and the other, Independence Plating Corporation, being in the state of New Jersey which was being sued in North Carolina. Issue: Independence Plating Corp. (defendant) disagreed with Southern Prestige Industries (plaintiff) on holding the lawsuit in North Carolina since their company is based in New Jersey not North Carolina. Rule: Jurisdiction Minimum Contacts test: 1. Quantity of contacts 2. Nature and quality of 3. Source, connection and cause of action 4. The interest of the state 5. Convenience to the parties
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Unformatted text preview: ApplicaTon: A³er examining the ongoing relaTonship between the parTes, the nature of their contacts, the interest of the forum state, the convenience of the parTes, and the cause of acTon, it was concluded that Independence PlaTng Corp. (defendant) has purposely availed itself of the benefts oF doing business in North Carolina. ThereFore, the deFendant should reasonably an±cipate being haled into a North Carolina court. Conclusion: The court hold that Independence Pla±ng Corp. (deFendant) had su²cient minimum contacts with North Carolina to jus±Fy the exercise oF personal jurisdic±on over Southern Pres±ge Industries (plain±³) without viola±ng the due process clause....
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