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Quiz 2 Review - Modern Russian Art Quiz #2 Neo Primitivism...

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Modern Russian Art Quiz #2 Neo Primitivism Primitive : children’s things, peasant art, cave art, popular songs, graffiti, things that are impolite, indecent/rough Interested in trying to make high art low and low art high (high = beautiful, low = ugly) Art is often shocking/scandalous, ugly but there is an energy that makes it vigorous 2 artists Larionov and Guncharova o Interested in trying to revive art by looking to primitive resources o Guncharova turned in primitive art in France o Neo-Primitivism : part of international community Moscow becomes the heart of these artistic changes till the 1920’s (Away from St. Petersburg) Both artists were very interested in peasant art: bright colors, crude forms (not academic (right), interested in semantic perspective (make something because it’s important, it’s not about special relationships)) Color, special revolution, perspective, anatomy o Play with these things and make them “ugly” Larionov: very vulgar/inappropriate; erotic messages in a lot of works o Likes to shock audiences o Interested in prostitutes, common soldiers and other low class members of society Peripheral elements of society like gypsies (not mainstream at all) Urban folklore Goncharova: interested in peasants, homes, their furniture etc., 2 artists organized a sequence of events for publicity o 4 Exhibitions in Moscow (1910-1914) (1) December 1 1910: The Jack of Diamonds First avant garde, primitive shock Jack of Diamonds is a direct reference to a pornographic French novel (Shock value) Back then, convicts wore shirts with diamonds on them/looking upon friends as “outcasts” Title has deliberate reverberations Artists showed some primitivist works o 2 artists were mercurial: changed their minds a lot (2) 1911: The Donkey’s Tail One exhibition in Spring 1912 Called Donkey’s tail because in Paris, a group of
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dissatisfied art students sough revenge on the academy. They got hold of a donkey, tied a paint brush to its tail, teased the donkey so he puts brush in paint and paints on canvas Students sent picture to next academy jury with an artist’s name on it and the jury accepted it and put it on display Then the students ran article that I was done by a donkey o 2 artists thought this was a wonderful scandal attack (Donkey’s Tail) (3) The Target (1913) Spring 1913: Showed more primitive art Number Four (1914) The Last exhibition 1915: artists immigrate to France to work as designers for Diaghilev in Paris and the Ballets Russes Goncharova adn Larionov believe in upsetting convention and promoting a new artistic doctrine o Also thought they should undermine the conventions of social behavior 1912: Goncharova discovered body art threw away her shirt and painted her chest and paraded around Moscow Interested in Scandal and Shock o Unconventional/different o New in art/live o Looked upon selves as avant garde Avant garde : group of people on the front line, first exposed to the action
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Quiz 2 Review - Modern Russian Art Quiz #2 Neo Primitivism...

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