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1203-MolecularGenetics-2 - PROTEIN-biomolecule important in...

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RNA (ribonucleic acid) - intermediary in protein synthesis chain of nucleotides differing from DNA by: (a) sugar = ribose sugar (b) single stranded ;t ::> 0'-' :::S-Q;: (c) Uracil (U) replaces Thymine and pairs with Adenine Three types of RNA: (1) messenger (m-RNA): made in nucleus from a DNA coding strand; exits nucleus with "message" and is translated in cytoplasm (2) transfer (t-RNA): carries Amino Acids to site of protein sythesis in cytoplasm (3) ribosomal (r-RNA): ribosome r-RNA and protein; "reads" m-RNA
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Unformatted text preview: PROTEIN -biomolecule important in structural framework of cell, -composed of C, H, 0, N, S atoms -Amino Acids = building blocks of protein -four structural levels: (1 ) Primary -linear sequence of amino ~-UW-,~ b JD d:\(€1lQ4 (2) Secondary ~ polypeptide chain forms a single helix 1h,rt>5 -7 similar to "slinky" Jo A.A, (3) Tertiary -folding of single helix into globular mass (4) Quaternary - 2 or more polypeptide chains together to form a complex protein (most proteins) all enzymes [f;J r;-h~kb r acids...
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