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Isaac Snuggs - Isaac Snuggs The decline of literacy O n e...

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Isaac Snuggs The decline of literacy One morning, several weeks ago my dad asked if anybody in the family wanted to subscribe to the Internet based version of the New York Times. This got voted out immediately by the rest of the family. I, for one, knew how much I like the feeling of reading the paper in the morning, of walking outside early in the morning when the sun is just coming up and the dew is still on the grass then walking back inside to sit down in my comfy, blue, over stuffed chair with a cup of coffee and that smell that the news paper has and while still sitting in my comfy chair traveling all over the world and seeing whats happening with everybody else before I start my own day. I don’t think I could give that feeling up to a computer. looking at a screen through its glare, dealing with the computer and all its little glitches, and with all this instead of being comfortable in your chair you’re either stuck at a desk or stuck sitting uncomfortably with a hot lap top on your lap, to me this just doesn’t compare. That is not to say that computers do not have their place. with the fairly recent arrival of the online podcasts and online radio along with online video it almost seems like the written word is going out the window. There are innumerable web sites dedicated to information on every subject imaginable and if you don’t feel like reading about what ever it is you want to know about you can just get online and either have someone read it to you or watch a video with someone explaining it to you. I recently did some research to determine the car engines that would best meet my needs and keep within my price range. Did I go to the library and sift through their assortment of books on the topic? Would anybody? No! The Internet blows written text out of the water for this purpose. I typed in"” and all the information I needed was within easy reach. Paper really does seem rather limited in its ability to relay information. A person is confined to the books and
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magazines present. We all read magazines, but you can only buy a limited amount, and they don't necessarily write about the specific topics that you are looking to read while on the other hand they made the google search which pretty much turns the internet into your own personal magazine that is about whatever you want it to be and if you don’t feel like reading your magazine but want to know what it has to say you can again, just get someone else to do it for you. It would seem like with all the power of the internet nobody would ever want to read a news paper again. After all, that feeling that I described earlier that I got when reading the news paper is kind of a rare thing. Most Americans these days seem to be in way to much of a hurry to stop and enjoy things like that. Amazingly though at their last count, MDS listed 1,573
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Isaac Snuggs - Isaac Snuggs The decline of literacy O n e...

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