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Fantasies english 401 - at my private school the Hellenic...

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English 401 Imitative Essay Fantasies of My Youth A common reoccurring fantasy in my youth was that I had superpowers. I always had fantasies regarding superpowers and saving the day. The superpowers that I had most usually were powers like Ice Man or Magneto. I daydreamed a lot back in the day of me using my powers and altering the surroundings to save the day. A common theme was downed power lines. Why downed power lines who knows but I always thought them to be the most common evil I fought. I always pictured natural catastrophes being the enemies in my daydreams. If I were Iceman in my daydream, I would always freeze something and save the day. If I was, Magneto I would always bent cars up and use the altered metal to save the day. One of the places I always daydreamed about powers was in the Cultural Center
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Unformatted text preview: at my private school the Hellenic American School. The “Greek School” as all the students used to call it held many programs where every single student and class would participate in singing or dancing something in English or Greek. The ceiling of the Cultural Center was filled with some huge pipes that were really ventilation pipes but always seemed big enough to me for people to be able to crawl in them. The daydreams would consist of the bad people being in the pipes, cutting the supports, and trying to squish the people below. I would always use my powers to save the people in danger. I know realize that I daydreamed the most in the Cultural Center to pass the time waiting for my turn to perform and to hold off any sense of nervousness that I had towards being in front of hundreds of people....
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