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NR 435 01 11/6/07 My Ecological Footprint The definition of ecological footprint is how much of a demand one places on the Earth’s natural resources and land. That demand is then offset by how much the Earth can regenerate itself after everyone’s consumption of its resources. My ecological footprint was 15 (acres) compared to the average person’s 24. It is a lot lower because of the amount of walking I try to do to lessen the need to drive. If everyone lived like me then we would need 3.4 planets to cover the amount of land I need live. I feel the three most important factors influencing an ecological footprint are meat consumption, transportation of either by cars or planes, and the distance your food is produced in comparison to your location. I feel meat consumption is influential because to produce mature cattle large enough and economically profitable to slaughter then you need a lot of land to graze and maintain these cattle. The more people eat meat then the more strained the Earth is to
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