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Nature versus Nurture engl 401 - Research Essay English 401...

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Research Essay English 401 4/24/07 Nature versus Nurture For years, the nature versus nurture debate has had people struggling to explain what makes them who they are. Studies performed on identical twins, who have been separated at birth, have come the closest to ending this debate. However, the topic of discussion is still left without a clear victor. The debate is between two different beliefs regarding what makes a person “who they are” mentally and physically. The nature side believes that who you are physically and mentally is innate. The nurture side believes that you are born a “blank slate,” meaning that your environment and upbringing makes you who you are. How do identical twins play into this debate? If one falls on the “Nurture” side of the debate, Identical twins separated at birth and brought up in different environments should not be comparable when brought together years later. However, identical twin studies show results of nature versus nurture that prove which side really wins the debate. Identical twins separated at birth and then later reunited show that it is really nature that determines personality traits. First off, anything environmental (not genetic) is considered part of the nurture side of the debate. In greater detail, this means influences on development arising from prenatal, parental, extended family and peer experiences, extending to influences such as media, marketing and socio-economic status (Neuroscience of Intelligence). The strongest influences are early childhood memories (Ceci and Williams 135). In a more general outlook on influences, one’s whole life experience can be called nurturing. Another nurturing factor is one’s language and religion, which is solely based on where they are placed demographically (Neuroscience of Intelligence). By using the word 1
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Research Essay English 401 4/24/07 demographically, I mean the kind of family a person is born into. If you are born in a Muslim family then naturally you will have a Muslim background that influences your religion, language and outlook on life. Other factors that are influencers that can set people off towards non-normal behavior (some examples of non-normal behavior are: drug abuse, violence-prone, committing crimes, sexual harassment) are abusive parents, being sexually molested, witnessing or being force to commit atrocious crimes or taking drugs are all life changing. Researchers argue that if placed in certain environments people change; generally, if it is a “normal” one then you see positive people come out of it. If it is a negative one then you see a higher percentage of negative and abused people, who in most cases become abusers themselves (Ceci and Williams 135). Nurturing in simple terms is how the environment you grow up in affects your life choices. The nature side of the debate is clear-cut and dictates that everything about you is
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Nature versus Nurture engl 401 - Research Essay English 401...

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